Priscila “Pri” Cosentino

E.A.S.E. Planner Specialist

Priscila Cosentino is a licensed E.A.S.E. Planner Specialist with over a decade of experience in financial management across various sectors in Brazil and the USA, including advertising, events, and retail. She excels in integrating wealth coaching and emotional intelligence training to help clients achieve their personal and professional goals.

Pri holds degrees in Business Administration and Accounting, an MBA in Neuroscience, and is completing a Master of Science in Business Administration with a focus on Cognitive Neuroscience. Her expertise in wealth education, self-accountability, and business management provides clients with comprehensive and personalized planning solutions.

Dedicated to continuous learning, fitness, and personal development. Pri has three doggies that are her best companions: Tish, Weiße, and Pkna. She is passionate about traveling, engaging in meaningful conversations about business, art, faith, and exploring diverse cultures. Pri is fluent in English, Portuguese, German, and Spanish.